About Us

No chemicals and go green is our aspiration. Osaadhi products are made of 100% natural ingredients without jeopardizing quality.

Our brand’s goal is to encapsulate the qualities of the purest and finest herbal ingredients to produce a premium quality product at an affordable price. Our motivation has always been to create nature intelligent formulas which pack the benefits of our organic and natural ingredients with zero to minimal interference with their natural compositions.

We truly believe that nature has all we need hence moving away from chemicals and bringing back the connection of nature in people’s life is paramount in today’s world.

Osaadhi, an ancient name for medicinal herbs, owes its etymology to Sanskrit language! Our working philosophy is to offer the pure essence of nature and empower you with the power of nature!


Efficacy, is what we preach and stand for. Luxury of our products lies in the purity and freshness of its content. We make no compromises and offer only 100% natural and organic products. Our oils are freshly infused with the best herbs and the most effective infusion method to draw and hold the benefits of these powerful herbs. Potency is at the very forefront of our consciousness and we strive to truly bring the goodness of these ingredients in the form of rich and powerful formulas.


Honesty is the heart of our philosophy! Knowledge gives power and an informed customer is a happy customer. We trust sharing complete information about our products and ingredients, brings us closer to our valued customers. We take immense pride in our unique selection of ingredients and have absolutely nothing to hide as we do not add anything unnatural. Our ingredient list is honest and complete so are our products!


Selecting the purest herbs and oils is a crowning step in crafting a fine product. Blend of the best efficacious, natural oils, essential oils, ayurvedic herbs and other popular herbs around the world make Osaadhi products distinctive and unmatched. All our formulas use 100% natural and organic ingredients. We take extra effort to know our suppliers ensuring our raw ingredients come from respectful and responsible farming. When you buy Osaadhi, you buy a little piece of purity!


Osaadhi has passionate voice for protecting planet and sustainability. We owe it to future generations and before us, we believe in virtues of kindness towards earth and its well-being. Our intention is to leave minimal carbon footprint. At Osaadhi we are advocates of climate change and truly believe that every effort counts! Therefore, we use only ecofriendly packaging such as glass bottles, honeycomb wraps and compostable bags to reduce the wastage from our end. Kindness is a virtue close to our heart. We believe the kindness we show towards our beautiful planet circles back in the form of pure, powerful natural ingredients encapsulated in little packages for you, from us.

Meet the Founders

Hi! 👋 We are Divya and Mrudula, the founders ofOsaadhi.

We are two friends with similar passion for natural and organic products. Osaadhi was born from love, love for only the purest and finest natural products.

We are passionate about natural care and are testimonials of how it has helped us immensely. Our mission is to connect our valued customers to nature and help them in believing that nature is indeed powerful and complete. It holds the solutions to all our problems and all we need is faith and a good product.

Our mission is to formulate unique products with a motive to simplify skin and hair care. Please don’t be misled with the word simplify, as our ingredients are nowhere close to simple! Our miracle hair oil is unique and distinctive with 61 herbal ingredients. All of which are an amalgamation of ayurvedic herbs, natural herbs, oils and essential oils. There is careful logic and research behind each ingredient and all our formulations are thoughtfully created with meaning and purpose.

Our dream turned into reality with Osaadhi and we thank you for being a part of it. 🙏

We Acknowledge

Osaadhi acknowledges and pays respect to the ancestors, elders and descendants of the lands upon which we manufacture our products, the Gadigal of the Eora nation are the traditional custodians of our land we call Sydney. We are mindful that within and without our premises, these lands always were and always will be Aboriginal Land.


Giving Back

The fulfilling feeling of giving back and contributing to society is unparalleled. In our effort to help with the global crisis of climate change, we are donating 1% of every purchase towards Tree Nation, a non-profit organization dedicated to reforest the world. Our planet is suffering and every effort big or small counts at this stage.