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Osaadhi, an ancient name for medicinal herbs, owes its etymology to Sanskrit language! The hope symbol which represents our logo goes hand in hand with our brand moto which is to empower our valued customers with the purest, most potent natural formulas imparting hope and assurance for guaranteed results. Our working philosophy is to encapsulate the power of herbs and natural oils to deliver an effective and sustainable product.

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Karishmaa – Miracle Hair Oil (100ml) – Best Hair Growth Oil

This 100% natural and organic quintessential best oil for hair growth is a powerful concoction of 61 herbal ingredients. This potent oil not only promotes thicker and longer hair, it also stimulates scalp to promote new hair growth while deeply nourishing and healing scalp related issues.

  • Drastically improves hair quality, growth and texture

  • Increases blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles

  • Combats dandruff and improves overall scalp health

  • Soothes scalp irritation and inflammation

  • Deeply conditions and nourishes the hair

  • Helps restore natural hair colour and prevents premature greying

  • Increases blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles

  • Improves hair texture and helps make the hair feel smoother

  • May help with scalp dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin conditions

  • Helps control postpartum hair loss and hair loss caused from treatments

  • Restores and strengthens chemically treated damaged hair making it the best oil for hair growth and thickness



Herbs Around The World With Proven Benefits

Our Karishmaa Miracle hair oil contains other popular herbs from around the world with proven benefits for hair such as Gingko Biloba, Burdock root, Saw palmetto, Marshmallow root, Horsetail, Chamomile, Calendula, Dandelion root and many more

✓ Gingko Biloba- Gingko contains high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids, antioxidants that provide protection against oxidative cell damage from harmful free radicals

✓ Burdock root- Burdock root contains a high amount of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) which increases blood flow to the hair follicles and boosts keratin production. This results in a boost in natural hair growth and reduction in hair fall

✓ Marshmallow root- Marshmallow root is a great source of proteins and vitamins for your hair. Gives natural body and bounce to the hair

✓ Horsetail- Horsetail contains silica content and it is useful when trying to stimulate hair growth. The herb rejuvenates your hair, adding sheen to the appearance and strength to the hair shafts

✓ Chamomile- Chamomile soothes inflammation and detoxes, which is excellent for the hair follicle and regrowth. Chamomile can relieve an itchy scalp, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin condition

✓ Calendula- Calendula contains powerful flavonoids and carotenoids that are antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage from the sun and environment

Unique Selection of Oils

Miracle hair growth oils is a blend of 17 highly effective oils such as :

✓ Coconut Oil – The lauric acid in coconut oil has nourishing properties that are especially prone to soak into the strands of your hair. Proven to prevent dry and flaky scalp as well as split ends and hair breakage

✓ Sesame Oil – A favourte in Ayurvedic formulaion , high is Vitamin E,B complex and minerals such as calcium , magnesium, phosphorus and protein that strengthens hair from root to tip

✓ Black Seed oil- Rich in fatty amino acids is clinically proven to promote hair growth and reverse premature graying of hair

✓ Moringa Seed Oil - High in Zinc , Vit A and Iron which are essential components for hair growth

✓ Pumpkin Seed Oil-phytosterols found in this oil helps in blocking enzymes and hormones in the scalp that cause hair loss.It contains cucurbitin and Vit C, which are known to promote hair growth

✓ Almond Oil – Rich in vitamin E and biotin, it helps keep hair healthy and strong

✓ Castor Oil- ricinoleic acid increases scalp blood flow, which can promote healthier hair and growth while also cutting down on inflammation

✓ Lavender essential Oil- stimulates hair growth, fights dandruff, and soothes an itchy scalp and other infections

✓ Rosemary essential oil - rosemary essential oil strengthens circulation. As a result, it could prevent hair follicles from being starved of blood supply, dying off, and leading to hair loss

Power of Ayurveda

Our selection of oils are infused with the most authentic and powerful Ayurvedic herbs such as

✓ Amla (Indian gooseberry)
The fruit of Amla is rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and contains several bioactive phytochemicals, of which majority are of polyphenols (ellagic acid, chebulinic acid, gallic acid, chebulagic acid etc) which have proven to promote hair growth

✓ Hibiscus
These are rich in carotene, riboflavin, anthocyanins, ascorbic acid, niacin, calcium, iron and vitamin C. Hibiscus flowers and leaves are rich in invigorating ingredients to strengthens your hair roots

✓ Bhringaraj
Bhringaraj being a potent hair vitalizer has a host of bioactive constituents including flavonoids and phytochemicals

✓ Brahmi
Apart from hersaponin, apigenin, D-mannitol, monnierasides I-III, plantainoside B and cucurbitacin; the alkaloids brahmine, herpestine and nicotine have also been classified in the chemical constituents of Bacopa monniera a key ingredient for hair growth


Swarna - Gold Face Oil (30ml)

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Benefits of Oiling

The ancient Ayurvedic practice—which is over 5,000 years old entails massaging the hair with a specially made formula of oils and herbs, beginning with the scalp and extending down through to the ends of the hair. While it’s based in Ayurveda and used to promote healthy scalp and hair health, it’s deeply embedded in South Asian culture.

What your hair really needs is nourishment. Just like our body, our hair also needs nutrients to stay healthy. Ayurvedic hair oil is a hair care formulation that has been used for centuries. It is herbal oil with no chemicals involved. The herbs present in it make the hair strong, healthy, and luscious. There are several benefits of Ayurvedic hair oil which proves that it is the ultimate solution of all hair problems.

Osaadhi’s Karishmaa- Miracle hair oil brings all these benefits to you:

  • Keeps the scalp hydrated
  • Improves Hair Growth
  • Strengthens Your Hair
  • Prevents Dandruff
  • Offers Shine and Glow
  • Avoids Premature Greying
  • Prevents Hair Fall.
  • Stress Relief

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